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Female Libido Enhancers

Impotence among women is on an increase. But the good news is that there are numerous ways to increase female libido. One can come across various female libido enhancers that help to boost sexual drive.

There are various drugs that helps in increasing the female libido. Drugs like female viagra helps in vigorous sexual drive. Apart from the female Viagra, theer are other drugs that help in augmenting female libido.

As everyone knows, testosterone plays an active role in sex. Testosterone pills or patches are suggested to women who have problems with their libido. Testosterone treatment is manly given to women whose ovary or ovaries have been removed. As Testosterone treatment involves some risks, the Doctors would only go for it after analyzing all aspects.

Another way to increase female libido is using estrogen pills, gels and patches. This is mainly given to females who have low estrogen. Estrogen treatment is known to increase the blood flow in the vaginal parts and also enhance sexual desires. Just like testosterone, this therapy also comes with many side effects.

Then there are the natural female libido enhancers. There are numerous herbal supplements and herbal drugs that enhance female libido. More and more women now prefer the natural way as they are very safe. Apart from the natural herbs, there are also natural creams that boost the sexual urge in females. The creams help in boosting the blood flow in the vagina and thus arouse sexual desire.

When talking of the psychological issues, women have to approach a sex counselor. One should not be shy to discuss any aspect related to female libido. If the treatment is delayed, then the risk is higher.