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Female Libido

Are you not feeling the same urge towards your partner when engaged in sexual activities? Is there a feeling that you cannot have fun in your sexual activities? Well, these feelings are quite common in women who lose their libido.

There are many reasons why a woman loses her sexuality. The decrease in the levels of estrogen and testosterone are considered to be the main cause of a decrease in female libido. Other factors like depression, inability to reach orgasm, stress, anxiety and conflicts may also contribute to a low libido.

Fortunately, there is nothing to worry, as there are various ways to increase female libido like changing lifestyle, medications and even going for counseling.

By changing life style, it means to be happy ad cheerful all the time. Just get relieved of all stress and depression. Talk to your companion and feel free to discuss about every aspect, including your sex drive. Then coming to eating habits, maintain a healthy eating habit and do not consume alcohol. Exercise is also part of a good lifestyle.

You can buy Female Viagra pills that increase the female libido. There are also various estrogen and testosterone therapies that help in increasing the libido. But these therapies come with many side effects.

You also can go for sex counseling that is known to help a great way in dealing with female libido.