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Health Is Wealth

There is an old saying that says ‘Health is Wealth’. This is very true. We often neglect paying attention to our physical health as well as mental and emotional health till such time that we are severely affected and forced to pay attention. When the going is good, we ignore all rules and binge on spicy, fatty and tasty food. We also tend to ignore the need for physical exercise and adapt to a sedentary lifestyle giving excuses to ourselves saying that we are busy chasing our professional career goals and earning money. We hardly stop to think that we might end up spending all the hard earned money on our hospital bills if we do not watch out for the body and our lifestyle.

In case of women, the complexities of health management increase. Women go through a lot of physical changes in the body due to pregnancy and menopause etc. These changes bring about lot of problems like hormonal imbalance, mood swings, hot flushes, obesity etc. Women are also susceptible to back pains and migraines. Women’s need for nutrition and energy is quite different when compared to that of men. The physical problems and issues tend to get aggravated in case of women while the same may not be so in case of men.

Apart from the physical natural processes and associated symptoms that are borne by women, you will find that women are highly sensitive and emotional in nature. This sensitivity too bears an impact on their mental and physical health. While many women do posses resilience and patience to put up with the ups and downs of life, there are many who are over sensitive and are unable to face the hardships of life and relationships. It is a well known fact that the emotions and the thoughts affect the body and cause impairment in the nervous system as well as in the functioning of the body. Too much of internal emotional and mental conflict or pressures show up as headaches, body aches and after a while turn to depression, hallucination and other psychological problems. Facing conflicting situations and constant pressures affect the blood pressure and blood sugar as well. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and related problems associated with these conditions are but common in the case of women living a fast paced life in the urban metros.

Prevention as we know is better than cure. Unlike the normal understanding that most people have about approaching doctors and hospitals for treating any kind of illness, preventive medication and treatments do not call for doctors or hospitals. Instead, the various traditional systems of Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and various Chinese and Indian systems of holistic medicines and treatments can be adopted. Yoga, a system consisting of physical exercises, breathing techniques and meditation is a holistic approach to maintaining the body flexibility, activating and invigorating all internal organs of the body and the systems, mind control through meditation techniques when practiced daily can help an individual balance his internal life with external life and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicines use natural ingredients without adding any chemicals etc. These are very essential especially for women for it not only helps them with better physical health, but brings about a awareness of the self and gives them the inner strength to face the challenges of life.