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Internet – Change Agent In Our Lives

It is amazing to see how internet has changed our life style and made such impact that it is now difficult for us to think of the days when we did not have the net. Today for anything and everything we used the internet. From the children to grandparents except for your family dog perhaps cannot do without the net for their day to day living.

In fact internet has given rise to many new types of professions and created new jobs. With global connectivity being available, people are able to exchange information and provide services sitting comfortably at home and reach out to customers across the globe.

Internet has in fact given a chance to many people to create fulfilling careers. While many youngsters have turned to web based software development and many more have ventured into gaming as well as animation, there are others like retired persons, women who need to take a break from their active career for a few years and change their priority etc who have also been able to make new careers for themselves on the internet.

Internet makes an easy exchange for finding and providing the services that one needs. The usage has been tremendous in the field of tele-medicines as well as in educational fields. Today specialised medical talent and advice is being made available to people in countries where they do not have advanced medical facilities. There are so many countries where they have primary health centres in the remote areas which are being serviced through internet telemedicine where the doctors are able to discuss and guide the local care taker to provide basic medical treatment. Today if there is a rear medical case anywhere in the world lets say in China and the doctors need specialists advise, they are able to access super specialists in Europe or America and get together on the internet to discuss and help solve the problems.

Similarly in the education field too there have been several far reaching changes. With web based training and ILT being available on the internet, education and training is possible to be imparted across the globe in any region or society. Similarly universities have been able to take distance education one step further by providing online courses. This means that the access to education is easier and available to one and all.

What about you? Do you enjoy using the internet for things other than your office work? Apart from doing you normal transactions like banking, online ticket booking as well as buying female Viagra online and getting it delivered at your door step, there are many more things that you can do with the internet. For example if you have always been interested in learning music and couldn’t do it because you couldn't find a suitable teacher near your home, now you do not have to worry about such logistics issues. You can tie up with teachers online who are able to teach you online through the live chat and video mode. You have a chance now to catch up with your personal interests and hobbies and be happy in life.