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Natural balance and Female Impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is mainly experienced by men and is not widely known among women. But there is an increasing tendency of female impotence.

Many reasons are attributed to female impotence or erectile dysfunction. One of the main reasons that come with female impotence is a person’s health. If a woman is not healthy, it could affect the immune system, which is linked with impotence in them.

Another reason connected with female impotence is medication. Women are liable to take many drugs during their life time, which could lead to impotence. The oral contraceptives are known to lead to female erectile dysfunction or impotence.

As like men, women also experience psychological issues like depression, stress and anxiety that could lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction.

When you approach the physician, he may help you with some medications to get off the problem. But most of the women feel shy to approach a doctor regarding their impotence problems.

It has also been said that food plays an important play in curing female impotence. Include more of vegetables and fruits in the diet. It is good if processed foods are avoided.

Another thing is that you should engage in other works apart from your household works. Women who only indulge in household work get bored of life and may develop certain psychological issues. Get out of the house and just walk round in the nature, which will boost your feelings and help you to get freshness.

It has also been seen that female impotence is a matter of indifference to the partner. This is not a major issue and can be cured once the thoughts start to develop. But if you allow the thoughts to develop further, then it could be dangerous.